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Divorce proceedings can be particularly harrowing when children are involved and deciding child custody becomes a critical priority. Child custody can be a hotly contested issue during a divorce and if a divorce goes to litigation, it is essential that each spouse competently present their best argument for child custody to the judge. This is why sharp and assertive legal counsel is recommended for child custody hearings.

Our team at Bublitz Law, P.C. understands that child custody is one of the biggest stakes in a divorce proceeding. We treat each child custody case with the sensitivity and primacy it deserves. More than that, we bring incisive, award-winning counsel to our clients' side. Our confident courtroom presence and conduct has been honed by years of experience and we're not afraid to aggressively stand up for our clients, even in this difficult custody matter.

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What factors in are considered in child custody cases?

During a child custody hearing, the judge has many factors to weigh before rendering a decision. These factors a provided by the spouses themselves, who, with the help of their legal representative, must present the clearest and emphatic argument for child custody terms they wish to have.

Factors that affect child custody rulings can include:

  • The child's relationship with parents, siblings, and extended family.
  • Any household history of domestic abuse or other crimes.
  • The child's proximity to school, healthcare, and other resources.
  • Each individual spouse's employment, residence, and fitness as a parent.
  • The child's wishes if of the appropriate age.

Ultimately, the court will consider all these factors and come up with a decision that in the best interest of the child. Other factors, like military service, disabilities and paternity rights are also important to the court in making these decisions.

What Age Can a Child Decide Which Parent to Live With in Idaho?

When a child turns 18 they have the legal right to move wherever they desire. Before then, there is no specific age by law when they can choose which parent to live with. They can be interviewed so that they can state their reasoning and preference to a judge, and they will make the final decision.

What Age Will a Judge Listen to a Child?

Usually, once a child turns 13 a judge may talk to them to find out their preferences about custody and visitation. Some states require courts to consider kids’ views, but others disapprove of bringing the kids into it at all. The judge also may learn about the children’s preferences from a custody evaluator. When it comes to children, judges are big on the status quo, because most of them believe that piling more change on top of the traumatic transition of divorce generally isn’t good for kids. Sometimes, a parent that usually haven’t been much involved with their kids’ lives suddenly develop a strong desire to spend more time with the children once the marriage has ended. In many cases, this desire is sincere, and a judge will respect it, especially if the parent has been dedicated to parenting during the separation period.

Types of Child Custody

Options of custody in Idaho are similar to other states. Usually, one spouse is designated as a physical custodian (with whom the child will primarily reside) and the other will receive visitation rights. Another type of custody that will be given includes legal custody, which determines which parent will have decision-making power in issues affecting the raising of the child.

Joint physical custody and joint legal custody are both possible options in Idaho. Joint physical custody, in particular, is rare and difficult to obtain, but is some cases can be advantageous for the children involved in the divorce.

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