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Idaho Child Custody Modification

In Idaho, the grounds for a child custody modification are “substantial and material changes” to the circumstances of custody. Any modification complaint hinges on two things: new facts, and changes that are in the child’s best interests. That could include a wide variety of things including a change in employment.

Child custody agreements are created within their current circumstances—they aren’t required to “make room” for potential changes and aren’t created to be flexible with regard to the future. That means when significant changes occur in your or your child’s life, it may render your current child custody arrangement irrelevant or difficult to uphold. When that happens, you need an attorney to file for custody modifications on your behalf. Whatever the changes you’re facing, our attorneys can help you determine if suing for modification is the right choice for you.

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When can I sue for modification?

New facts can be any fact that either didn’t exist at the time of the arrangement’s creation, or facts that weren’t known at the arrangement’s creation.

For instance, if you discover that your former spouse is addicted to heroin, suing for full custody of your child would be straightforward: the fact is your former spouse’s substance abuse, and it is in your child’s best interests to live in the care of someone who is sober and not engaging in self-destructive habits.

However, few modifications are this straightforward. In some cases, the judge will have to rule between two stable and potentially positive-looking outcomes. For example, one spouse might accept a job offer in another state—and sue for physical custody and approval to move with their child several hours away. The spouse would need to prove to the judge that moving (rather than staying with the current parent) would be in the child’s best interests.

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The reason you need an attorney to request custody modifications is this: proving the need for modification requires skill and vast legal knowledge. In Idaho, juries don’t decide on these cases—judges do. Convincing a judge to change a court’s earlier decision takes evidence, documentation, precedent, articulate argumentation, and every other skill at a custody lawyer’s command.

Bublitz Law, P.C. has represented hundreds of families in Idaho with award-winning, proactive advocacy. Our Boise family law attorneys tirelessly fight for spouses and children who need to adapt to their changing circumstances quickly, helping them avoid the prolonged litigation that so often hurts families. If you need help proving that your child custody arrangement needs to change, we’re the team to call.

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