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At Bublitz Law, P.C., we do whatever it takes to help you effectively pursue charge dismissal or reduced sentencing. We have successfully represented many people who have faced charges of kidnapping and abduction, and we are prepared to lend our experience and understanding to your case. If you have been accused of kidnapping, connect with a member of our team as soon as possible to receive your confidential consultation.

Definition of Kidnapping in Idaho

According to Idaho Code § 18-4501, kidnapping may take multiple forms, including:

  • Seizure or confinement of another person with the intent to secretly detain them against their will
  • Leading, enticing, or detainment of a child younger than 16 years of age with the intent to hide them from their custodial parent or legal guardian or steal anything from them
  • Abduction, enticement, or forceful taking of another person and bringing them into the state of Idaho
  • Seizure, confinement, leading, taking, enticement, etc. of another person against their will in order to demand ransom or otherwise extort money in exchange for the safe return of the kidnapped person
  • Aiding and abetting any of the aforementioned crimes

Penalties for Kidnapping in Idaho

In the state of Idaho, consequences of a kidnapping conviction vary based on the nature of the abduction. However, both First Degree and Second Degree Kidnapping carry hefty, painful penalties, and you must seek legal representation immediately, regardless of the form of kidnapping with which you have been charged.

According to Idaho Code § 18-4502, First Degree Kidnapping is any abduction committed in order to cause serious bodily injury, make money (or obtain anything else of value), gratify lust or sexual desires, or perform lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 16 years of age. If convicted of First Degree Kidnapping, you could face the death penalty or life in prison.

Idaho Code § 18-4504 dictates that all other forms of kidnapping (including interference with child custody) can be classified as Second Degree Kidnapping, which carry penalties of 1 – 25 years in prison.

Kidnapping charges could change your life forever. At Bublitz Law, P.C., we’re ready to protect you. Call (208) 286-2111 to speak to a Boise criminal defense attorney now.

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