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Lewd & Lascivious Conduct Charges

Sex Crime Lawyer in Boise

In Idaho, the law defining lewd and lascivious conduct as a criminal offense is broad, and law enforcement uses this charge often as a catch-all for people they believe are acting inappropriately with minor children under the age of 16.

It is important to remember that just because someone has been charged does not mean that he or she will be found guilty. At Bublitz Law, P.C., we strive to look for the good in everybody and to help someone facing charges confront the situation and get through it one way or another. If you are facing a lewd and lascivious charge, call a sex crime attorney at our firm today for compassionate legal guidance and aggressive defense representation.

How We Will Approach Your Case

In many lewd and lascivious cases, the situation is extremely fact-specific and every claim must be handled differently because of the circumstances that give rise to the charges. Whether the incident involves a family member, a stranger, or an acquaintance, it is essential to look at every detail and angle, especially when there is a contact with a minor and the behavior can be misconstrued by one side to leverage their position.

Our firm is aware of these concerns and makes a point of investigating every claim, piece of evidence, and the underlying history leading up to the incident that produced the charge.

We Take On Lewd & Lascivious Cases Because We Care About Justice

More importantly, unlike many other attorneys who will not take on lewd and lascivious cases because they are so factually and emotionally complex, our firm will not only know how to rebut what the prosecutors might present, but we have a long track record of past success negotiating to have the charges reduced down to felony injury to a child or another offense where registration to a sex offender list can be avoided. In many of these cases, a conviction almost automatically follows with prison time, which also underscores the importance of having an experienced defense lawyer on your side.

We Have Experience Handling Complex Cases

When people are facing these charges, they often feel their life is automatically over. These situations can rip a family apart, and destroy trust that has been placed in you. Our firm understands this outlook, but we are here to help you overcome this hurdle and to make sure the criminal defense process and society hold true to the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Whether a child recants after admitting to being pressured or not liking a stepparent, or a false allegation occurred because someone jumped to conclusions, we will tirelessly fight to expose the truth and minimize the consequences.

We are deeply committed to hearing our clients out and investigating all aspects of every case we handle in pursuit of a favorable outcome - either at trial or through zealous negotiations. We will make your priorities ours and offer the full benefit of our experience in dealing with your case.

To tell us your story and begin exploring viable legal options during a confidential case consultation, please call our Boise office anytime for prompt help from a skilled sexual defense attorney who is prepared to go to work for your defense and the pursuit of justice.

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