Facing Internet Crime Charges in Idaho?

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A cybercrime is defined as any crime that is conducted on or through the Internet. For example, stalking someone online is considered an Internet crime. Cyberstalking constitutes any behavior that is harassing or threatening, such as using email or social media websites to attack an individual.

Cybertheft is another type of Internet crime defined as theft that takes place on the Internet, whether hacking into a person's bank account to illegally obtain funds or stealing an individual's identity using illegal tracking cookies or a stolen password to obtain personal financial information.

Cyberterrorism occurs when someone engages in behavior that has a broad, destructive effect. For example, creating Internet viruses that distribute via email and shut down computers can result in cyberterrorism charges. Cyberterrorism takes place when an individual wishes only to inflict destruction and does not act for personal gain.

Cybercrime: A New Area of Law

Consequences for conviction of a cybercrime can range from finest to probation to mandatory community service. Some extreme cases may even result in imprisonment. Because this is a new area of criminal law, many attorneys are not sure how to properly defend an individual accused of a cybercrime.

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