Chemical DUI Tests: Breath, Blood & Urine

BAC Test Information from our Boise DUI Attorney

Idaho law enforcement is aggressively enforcing the state’s laws regarding drinking and driving, and will often use a variety of methods and techniques during the arrest to strengthen the prosecution’s case. For this reason, it is crucial to contact a Boise DUI attorney who can review all the details of your case to defend you against a conviction.

When our firm takes your case, we dig deep. At Bublitz Law, P.C. we look at every aspect of your case to find police errors. Sometimes, an error in administration of blood, breath or urine tests can help us beat your case.

Should I Submit to a DUI Test?

To some degree, the decision of whether or not to refuse a BAC test is up to you, but it’s generally best to comply with police on this issue. This is because Idaho has an implied consent law, which means that drivers are lawfully required to take a chemical blood alcohol test. If you refuse a DUI test in Idaho, you may lose your driver’s license for up to a year. Furthermore, refusing a chemical breath test actually gives police the ability to take a forced blood draw.

Although you may be lawfully required to take these tests, the results can often be questioned in court. Issues with how the test was administered can yield inaccurate results, and many medical conditions or diets can also impact a breathalyzer device. An Idaho DUI attorney with knowledge and experience can often get the results of a blood, breath, or urine test excluded from evidence.

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