Civil Protection Orders

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Restraining orders, or "civil protection orders" as they are known in Idaho, are serious legal actions with real consequences. Many of these orders are crucial to protecting individuals, and often children, from violent offenders. However, these orders are relatively easy to obtain and can rob an individual of access to their life. Civil protection orders most commonly occur in domestic violence, stalking, and divorce cases.

Here at Bublitz Law, P.C., we've handled enough criminal defenses cases to know that these matters are highly emotional and often carry a stigma—not only with the public, but even sometimes in the court itself. We can bring award-winning counsel understanding to your case to make sure you retain your rights during this difficult process.

How does a civil protection order work?

If you have been served a civil protection order (CPO), it is absolutely crucial that you understand the boundaries of that order. While the order itself can be unexpected and hurtful, attempts to contact the person who filed against you can instantly turn in to criminal charges. Once a judge approves a civil protection order, it can last anywhere from two weeks to five years.

Below is the civil protection orders timeline:

  1. Initial filing of CPO is for a 14-day period
  2. After 14 days, the filer appears in court and the judge can approve 90 more days
  3. You will be ordered to appear for a hearing at the end of those 90 days
  4. Depending on the evidence, the judge can extend or cancel the CPO

It is extremely important to comply with the CPO best as you are able during those initial 14-day and 90-day orders. If children are involved and not named in order, it is possible to negotiate for custody and visitation, but chances of success here plummet if the order is violated and criminal charges result.

What if I've already violated the CPO?

If you've been served a CPO and have violated its terms, then it is considered a misdemeanor. If the filer is able to provide proof of the order against you, then you, the respondent, can be arrested even without a warrant.

Penalties for violation of civil protection order can include:

  • Up to one year in jail
  • A fine up to $5,000

If you feel that a restraining order or civil protection order has been wrongly or unfairly issued to you, or that you believe you've unwittingly violated a CPO, then we at Bublitz Law, P.C. want to hear your story.

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