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Social Security Disability Frequently Asked Questions

Social Security Disability FAQ

Idaho Social Security Disability Attorney

Are you considering filing for Social Security disability (SSD) but are unsure where to start? Perhaps you have already applied but are not sure how to follow up on your application or appeal a denial. Bublitz Law, P.C. has represented clients in Social Security disability cases for many years and has the knowledge and experience to help. Speak with an Idaho Social Security disability lawyer from our firm today to get answers and to move forward with your disability matter. We can help ensure that you receive the benefits that you deserve.

Am I eligible for disability benefits?

There is no age minimum to receive disability but you must meet certain income and work requirements. You must have paid into the Social Security program for a certain amount of time and have earned a certain number of credits according to your age. People under 24 years old must have 6 credits earned within a 3-year period.

People ages 24-31 must have credit for working half the time between age 21 and the time the individual became disabled. People age 31 and up must follow a detailed chart that shows how the number of credits starts at 20 and increases with every 2 years of age.

Can I start work again and still receive disability?

There are some cases in which, after an individual has been receiving disability, he or she may undergo a trial work period where they return to work while still receiving disability. This allows them to test their ability to work for up to nine months without losing their disability benefits. After the trial period is up, the individual can continue working and stop receiving SSD benefits or they can stop working and continue with disability.

How much Social Security disability will I receive?

The amount of Social Security disability paid to each person varies depending on their individual needs. Social Security disability benefits are based on your average lifetime earnings that are insured under Social Security.

The amount also depends on whether or not the individual is also receiving compensation through workers' compensation, public disability benefits, a pension that isn't insured by Social Security, and other such factors. An Idaho Social Security disability lawyer can help you determine whether or not you have been offered the benefits that you deserve.

How long will I receive Social Security disability?

Social Security benefits are paid as long as a person's medical condition continues and they are unable to work. If your medical condition improves, you may need to be reevaluated to determine whether or not you still qualify for Social Security benefits. You also cannot return to work and still receive disability unless you are attempting an approved trial work period. In other words, you will continue to receive SSD indefinitely until your circumstances change, if they ever do.

What is the waiting period to receive SSD benefits?

Applicants are required to wait for an approval or denial for three to five months. This allows Social Security to ensure that your condition is permanent and is not likely to improve, establishing your eligibility for disability. If you believe that you are not receiving a response in a timely manner, Bublitz Law can help you take action to get your application approved.

What kinds of disability are there?

Social Security only pays permanent disability benefits. Your injury must prevent you from working and must be expected to last for at least 12 months or to result in death in order to be considered eligible for Social Security disability.

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