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How Is Child Support Calculated in ID?

When there are children involved in a divorce or separation, the issue of the child support is always a priority for Idaho courts. The state uses the "Income Shares Model" to calculate child support, but there are many variables and factors consider, even when using a formula. Even more critical, the state's Child Support Services Office has the power to enforce strict penalties when support is not paid.

Navigating child support issues can be difficult, even for financially stable parents who are ready to support their children. At Bublitz Law, P.C. we make sure that all of our noncustodial clients are afforded every option when establishing child support schedules and can make compelling and informed cases to the court when needed. Likewise, we work to ensure that our custodial clients get fair support for caring for their child.

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Understanding the Income Shares Model

The Income Shares Model that governs Idaho child support calculations is, at its basic level, simple to understand. This model approximates what both parents spent on the children when they were together and then applies that percent to their incomes.

For example, if one parent earned $3,000 a month and the other $7,000, then the second parent would be responsible for 70% of the funds used in the upbringing of the child. This, however, is just a base calculation. Other factors, like parenting time, changes in employment, and requests for child support modification or termination can alter a child support ruling. For more information on how the income shares model works, contact Bublitz Law, P.C. today.

What happens if I can't pay?

The State of Idaho takes failure to pay child support very seriously, and this offense can compel the Child Support Services Offices to take action against the negligent parent.

Penalties for not paying child support could include:

  • Seizure of incoming tax returns
  • Income withholding
  • License suspension
  • Credit reporting
  • Contempt rulings resulting in jail time

These penalties are why it's critical that noncustodial parents have legal counsel to not only help understand child support terms, but also to establish schedules that are both appropriate and manageable.

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Even when formulas are involved, math alone cannot accurately paint a picture of what children deserve and what parents can manage. Here at Bublitz Law, P.C., we make certain that our noncustodial parents' rights are protected and their voices are heard, even when they're facing penalties. If you or a loved one is facing a child support complication, or need their case for modification properly presented in court, then we invite you to call our award-winning firm today.

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